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Membership Information

Individual / Family Membership

Initiation Fee Plan

Dues:          $343   per month

Initiation:     $10,000  ($2,000 down. $1,000 annually the following 8 years)

Incentive:    1/2 Months Dues Waived

Each Membership is provided full access to the club’s facilities and offerings with no restrictions or minimums to Tee Times, Restaurant Activity or Practice Facility (with the obvious exception to notified functions or temporary closings).  All children are under the named member’s account as long as they are continuing their education.  Otherwise at the age of 21 they will no longer be under the member’s account, however they will be eligible for other special offerings.

Junior Membership(to age 35)

Dues:          $237    per month

Initiation:     $4,000 (can be broken into annual payments)   

Incentive:    1/2 Months Dues Waived (first month)

Junior members will have same privileges as a full membership.  Upon their 35th birthday they will then fall under the “Individual / Family Membership."  As long as the Initiation Fee is paid in full prior to the 35th birthday, you will not be required to pay the remaining balance of the “Individual / Family Membership” Initiation Fee.  

Junior members also may bring out Accompanied Guests at a reduce rate of $45 (including cart and tax) and $20 for Guests under the age of 18. 

Corporate Membership (minimum 3 individuals)

Dues:          $343   per month per individual named under Corporate membership

Initiation:     $5,000 per individual (amount can be paid $1000/yr per individual)

Incentive:    One Month Free Dues per Individual Account

Each named member under the Corporate account is a full member with all the same privileges as an “Individual / Family Membership."  Corporate membership requires a minimum of 3 employees to be formed and held.

Limited Corporate Membership

Dues:          $686   per month

Initiation:     $8,000 (amount can be paid $2000/year)

Incentive:    One Months Free Dues

This provides for active named individuals in the corporation to make Tee Times for up to 2 foursomes (8 individuals) per day at a reduced individual rate of $45 including cart (reduced from unaccompanied guest rate of $80).  The Tee Time must be booked through the pro shoppe prior to coming out to play.  Individuals only have access to the Club's facilities on days that play is scheduled.  All charges must be paid at time of visit as the Corporation only pays for monthly dues.

We also would be happy to host larger groups and smaller outings as needed when advanced notice is given.  Corporate and Limited Corporate companies would be given priority and special consideration on pricing in comparison to non-affiliated businesses.


Includes golf and clubhouse privileges for each individual in the member's immediate family.  Non-resident Members must have their principal place of business and residence outside the state of Tennessee.

We also have special categories for Active Clergy members as well as Senior membership (based on previous history with the club).

All Club Dues, Fees & Charges are applicable to TN Sales tax and are subject to change at the discretion of management.

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